HELL-FIRE Trigger System

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Order# HE2000

We stumbled into a cache of the World Famous Hell-Fire Trigger Systems. If you have ever considered converting to FULL AUTO SELECT FIRE and red tape or jail time got in the way, then the Hell-Fire Trigger System is for you. ATF Legal, the Hell-Fire installs in seconds behind the trigger. For operation, simpy hold the gun loosely with your non-trigger hand and hold the trigger finger stiffly. When firing comences the weapon will recoil and device is pressed against the trigger. The tension arm in the device causes the gun to move forward again, causing the trigger to be pressed against the trigger finger again. The system utilizes the guns own recoil and inertia.

Fits all rifles listed below:

AK-47, Armalite AR-180, AR-15, SKS, Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mini-14, HK-91 & 93 & 94, Baretta AR-70, Mac-10, Mac-11, Mac-9, 30 caliber carbine, Deawood K-1 & K-2, M-1A, Mini-14, MAK-90, FMC, M-1 Garand, SPAS 12 Ga shotguns, USAS 12ga Shotguns, TEC-22, and most other guns.

Comes complete with instructions for mounting and an Official Letter of Legality from the ATF.