Federal Lake City Match 7.62x51mm (.308) XM118LR 175 Grain - 240rds in Can

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Federal Lake City Match 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) XM118LR - 240rds in Can

We received a small supply of 175 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point bullet. Lake City M118 .308 original US Military Sniper ammo marked "Long Range" 175 grain Sierra Hollow Point Boat Tail to be used in the M14, M24, M40A1 weapons systems, as well as all hunting and shooting applications where a super accurate .308 cal round is called for.

This ammunition is non-corrosive. 240 rounds Packaged in a 30 Cal Ammo can.

This ammo is restricted in the following cities and/or states: All of Alaska; Los Angeles, Orange County, Yolo City, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, & Beverly Hills, CA; Foid # Required in IL; All of HI; All of MA; NYC , NY; Bronx, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Manhattan, NY; Staten Island, NY; Queens, NY; Washington D.C., APO & FPO addresses, No PO boxes

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