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Gun Guide For 1911 Pistol

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Gun Guide For 1911 Pistol


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Order# FB627

Order# FB627

DISASSEMBLY & REASSEMBLY GUIDE     Model 1911 Series Pistols
For your M1911, M911A1, Series 70/80 and All Variants


•  The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.

•  Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your  work surface.

•  16 pages & 20 + high-resolution grayscale images.

•  Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Brief history of the 1911 Series Pistols:

Exploded parts view with 54 part names.

  Safety First!
  Different types of recoil   spring assemblies
  Barrel bushings
  Slide stop
  Guide rod and recoil spring(s)
  Remove barrel bushings
  Firing pin stop plate
  Firing pin
  Grip panels
  Safety lock plunger
  Mainspring housing and pin
  Slide release plunger and   spring   
  Grip safety
  Sear Spring  
  Hammer pin and hammer   assembly
  Sear Pin, Sear, and   Disconnector
  Magazine catch
  Trigger assembly

 Reassembly and tips

Excerpt from this Guide:

Brief History of the 1911 Series Pistol.

“For nearly a century the Colt Goverment Model 1911 has been without challenge, the most recognized, most imitated, most influential and the most used semi-auto handgun in the world.” Guns & Ammo Magazine - 2006

1911 John Moses Browning’s original .45 Colt Auto Cartridge and 1911 Pistol was adopted as the standard U.S. service pistol and remained in faithful service for nearly 75 years.

1923 Modifications were made to include a narrower trigger, wider and longer grip safety spur, and an arched mainspring housing. Adopted as the U.S. Model 1911-A1 in 1924.

1932 National Match Version with adjustable rear sights.

1935 National Match Version in .38 Super caliber.

1957 Gold Cup National Match with improved trigger assembly.

1970 Series 70. Introduction of the collet-type barrel bushing.

1981 Series 80. Introduction of the firing-pin-block safety.

1985 Colt’s introduction of stainless steel models.

2006 + Most all major pistol manfacturers produce a 1911 clone.


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