Gun Guide For Smith & Wesson M & P, SHEILD Pistols

Gun Guide For Smith & Wesson M & P, SHEILD Pistols

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Order# FB632

Order# FB632


Specifically the M&P9, M&P40, M&P45 and SHIELD Models


•  The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models.

•  Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your  work surface.

•  20 pages & 52 high-resolution grayscale images.

•  Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

Excerpt from this Guide:

A brief history of the M&P Series Pistols:

The Smith & Wesson® M&P (Military and Police) Pistol was introduced in the Summer of 2005. It is a polymer-framed, short recoil operated, locked breach semi-automatic pistol.

The M&P is a striker fired pistol. The jointed trigger system prevents the striker (firing pin) from discharging unless the trigger is fully depressed. When the slide enters the battery position, the striker engages the sear. As the trigger is pulled, a protrusion on the trigger bar engages and raises a safety plunger.

As the trigger bar moves rearward to its final position, it engages the sear and rotates the sear downward to fully “cock” and release the striker. The striker travels forward to contact and fire the cartridge.

When the pistol cycles, the striker spring is compressed to about 98% prior to the trigger being pulled. Smith & Wesson®. Many of the shooting sports organizations classify this as a Double Action Only pistol.

Unique to the M&P Pistol Series is a Sear Deactivation Lever. This allows the pistol to be disassembled without having to pull the trigger.


Brief History

Pistol configurations
Exploded Part Diagrams
30 parts & assemblies - 2 pages

- Frame Tool 
- Sear Deactivation Lever
- Slilde
- Recoil Guide Rod Assembly
- Barrel
- Striker Assembly
- Spring
- Slide Endcap Assembly
- Striker Spring
- Striker Spring Keepers
- Striker Return Spring
- Rear SIght
- Striker Block Spacer
- Stiker Block Spring
- Front Sight
- Take Down Lever(s)
-  Locking Block
- Frame
- Trigger Return Spring
- Lock Block Coil Pin
- Trigger Pin
- Takedwn Lever Retaining Wire
- Slide Stop
- Trigger Assembly
- Sear Housing Assembly Pin
- Sear Housing Assembly
- Manual Safety(s)
- Frame Key Plug(s)
- Ejector
- Sear Housing Block
- Sear
- Sear Pin
- Sear Plunger
- Sear Spring
- Magazine Safety Lever
- Magazine Safety Lever Spring
- Sear Deactivation Pin
- Magazine Catch Assembly
(one full page)




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