12 Gauge Exotic Ammo Special

12 Gauge Exotic Ammo Special

$199.99 $154.99

Order# G12-SP13

Order# G12-SP13

12 Gauge Exotic Ammo Special

This Special contains 13 Different 12 Exotic Ammo 3 Packs.

1 - G12-001 "Armor Piercing"

1 - G12-007 "Zombie Killer"

1 - G12-011 Double Slug

1 - G12-012 Exploder

1 - G12-015 Flechette

1 - G12-018 Macho Gaucho

1 - G12-021 Piranha

1 - G12-023 Rhodesian Jungle

1 - G12-025 Pit Bull

1 - G12-027 Terminator

1 - G12-030 Triple Decker

1 - G12-033 Confetti

1 - G12-037 Flash Thunder Grenade

State Restrictions will apply, substitutions may be made for state restrictions or availability on the ammo. We cannot ship to PO Boxes, FPO's or APO's.

G12-001 - "Armor Piercing" This awesome round houses enough power to penetrate the thickest car doors, commercial steel doors and most objects up to 1/4'' steel plate. This slug has a steel penetrator button, boosted by a very hot charge, has an unbelievable velocity to slice through metal like a hot knife slices through butter. 2 3/4" round. This ammo is restricted in the following cities and/or states: All of Alaska; All of CA; All of HI; All of IL; All of MA; All of NY; Staten Island, NY; Queens, NY; Washington D.C.

G12-007 - "Zombie Killer" Deader than dead!!! A killer round that will stop the worst. A layer of copper shot, a layer of #4 buckshot,   another layer of copper shot, a layer #4 buckshot and finally filled top to bottom with a powdered slug. This load is powered by some of the hottest charges devised to create maximum knockdown velocity.

G12-011 - "Double Slug" One shot, Two hits! you will double the punch, the impact and the chance of hitting your target all in one shot! This 12 GA round is loaded with two slugs that weigh 3/4 oz. each. The recoil is a little heavier than a standard 12 Gauge load, and so are the results! At 25 yards the two slugs will strike your objective about 2 inches apart. At 50 yards, the strike spreads to nearly a foot apart! Unbelievable twin knock-down power! 2 3/4" round.

G12-012 - "Exploder" A stabilized, finned slug with a deep hollow core for loading combustible materials. The exploder round has curved finns in the rear of the slug for stability. D.O.T. regulations require that the "Exploder" hollow cavity be shipped unloaded. This allows you to load the cavity yourself, safely with no tools required. complete instructions included. 23/4'' round. The sale or shipment of this ammo is also restricted to: All of CA, All of FL, All of IA.

G12-015 - "Flechette" A Flechette is a small dart shaped projectile, that is clustered in an explosive warhead, dropped in a missile from an airplane or fired from a hand held weapon. One unique application of this 1" Flechette was to load these in a 12 GA. shotgun for taking out snipers hiding in thick brush or trees. Due to the penetration of these projectiles, tree limbs and brush would not disperse the darts. Even if some were dispersed, this would still have an all-covering pattern within a tree or brush. Generally 20 of these darts are placed in each 12 GA. shell. Also known as "Satan's Toothpicks" 2 3/4" round.This ammo is restricted in the following cities and/or states: All of Alaska; All of CA; All of FL; All of HI; All of IL; All of MA; NYC , NY; Bronx, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Manhattan, NY; Staten Island, NY; Queens, NY; & Washington D.C.

G12-018 - "Macho Gaucho" The device made famous by the Argentine cowboy is called the "bolo". This device consisted of two heavy balls connected by a string and was thrown at and wrapped around an animals legs causing it to trip. Now this idea has been adapted for the 21st century in the form of a 12 gauge shotgun round. This round consists of two lead slugs connected by a steel wire that whirls and twirls during flight devastating your target. Try your hand at being a 21st century cowboy today. 2 3/4" round

G12-021 - "Piranha" This 12 GA. round contains dozens of razor sharp steel tacks that blast out at high velocity which virtually guarantees that there will be no response from the perpetrator. Each round is buffed with #12 shot thus creating a double shock to the wound area. Absolutely will not harm your shotgun. To be used no closer than 10 feet and no further than 50 feet. 2 3/4" round.

G12-023 - "Rhodesian Jungle" The "Rhodesian Jungle" rounds are great for in home defense! The combination of several large pellets surrounded by a mass of smaller pellets allows for double punching power to any intruder that is unlucky enough to cross it's path. Make the intruder think twice with this double whammer power. If the big pellets don't get you, the small ones will. 2 3/4 round

G12-025 - "Pit Bull" Pure Power! The Pit Bull is a powerful 12 gauge round packed with six 00-Buck pellets topped with a heavy-duty 1.3 oz. slug! Loaded extra hot for MAXIMUM stopping power! Once it bites, it won't let go. This is the number one rated ammo for home and self defense. 2 3/4" round

G12-027 - "Terminator" The lethality contained within the hollow core slug of our terminator 12 GA almost can't be advertised. Upon impact, this slug mushrooms and expands to nearly two inches, stopping the slug from totally penetrating your objective. This rapid expansion forces the dozen of tiny pellets to spread through your objective like a cancerous disease, opening an area at the impact point equal to a softball. The cavity created has the shock effect of 95%. That means only 5% of any living being could survive this kind of hit. 2 3/4" round

G12-030 - "Triple Decker" These 12 gauge shells are loaded with nine large bead balls (three sets of three) stacked on top of each other. They pack a punch EXTREMELY heavier than the standard 12 gauge and the results are exciting to see, hear, feel and completely devastating. If impact is what you want, then the "Triple Decker" is what you need. comes three shells to a package. 2 3/4" round

G12-033 - "Confetti" This ammo is for theatrics and serious amusement! The shell is packed with powder and colored confetti. When shot, it will make a large circle in the air between 10 and 15 feet in diameter. The paper then blows away in the wind. Great for parties and plain old fashioned fun! This is a spectacular round and must be seen to believe. 23/4" round.

G12-037 "Flash Thunder Grenade" This highly effective 12 gauge round produces a stun/diversion effect by using a bright blinding flash with an extremely powerful concussion blast from a 12 gauge shotgun muzzle. This device is not restricted by the BATF and is used by some of the most elite special forces and SWAT units around the world. It produces 182dB bang, 1.5 to 2 million candle flash and over pressure on 1.5 to 2 atmospheric pressure units. It is truly an awesome experience indoors and out. Will not work in 12 Gauge Flare pistol. 1 3/4" round


This ammo is restricted in the following cities and/or states: All of Alaska; All of CA; All of HI; All of IL; All of MA; All of NY; Staten Island, NY; Queens, NY; Washington D.C., APO & FPO Addresses, No PO boxes.


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