Blitz "Civilian Legal Flashbang" BFD - Black

Blitz "Civilian Legal Flashbang" BFD - Black

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Order# HT912

Order# HT912


This is a Blitz Civilian Legal "Flashbang" or Blank Firing Device.

A Blank Firing Device sets off a blank or primer, resulting in a loud concussion. After proper arming by the operator, the Blitz specifically
functions by impact on any surface or orientation via our patent-pending kinetic impact trigger.

What cartridges are supported?

The Blitz is currently compatible with .209 primers, 9 mm blanks, and 1 inch long 12 ga. mini blanks.

What are the applications?

We’ve found the Blitz to be particularly useful in CQC training scenarios, breaching, K9 desensization,
wildlife control, and any other environment that demands a sudden, loud retort within throwing range.

As always, proudly designed and machined in the USA.


6061 Aluminum and 303 Stainless, from a local supplier

Hard anodized black, for tactical durability!

23 Ounces

5.5" Length

2" O.D.

6 x .25" gas dispersion ports, for optimal acoustic efficiency


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