10/22 Commando Tactical Quad Rail System

10/22 Commando Tactical Quad Rail System

$69.99 $49.99

Order# LK439

Order# LK439

*Precision machined with maximum strength

*Four mil-spec Picatinny rails for versatile accessory applications

*Simple and friendly installation

*No gunsmith or tool required

*Interlocking system with quick fit features

*Includes a special slot to accommodate rear iron sight

*Specially designed groove rail top for optimal viewing through

      front sight

*33 top slots, 25 left and right side slots and 6 bottom slots

*A complete and most affordable tactical solution offering endless options of scope, flashlight, laser, bipod, foregrip on your favorite 10/22 rifles

*Great zero-retention capability for all accessories installed on the rails

*Intensively tested by field experts under extreme heat and sub-zero temperature and demonstrates most satisfactory performance

*Hard anodized finish for wear resistance

*Includes 14 PCs UTG rail guards included for great comfort and protection