STANDDOWN 12 GA Less Lethal Shells - 5Rd Box

STANDDOWN 12 GA Less Lethal Shells - 5Rd Box


Order# NL131

Order# NL131

STANDDOWN Lead Free Projectile(s)


Performance is achieved by utilizing a Patent Pending Hybrid Plastic-Metal Alloy technology.  

The base elastomeric polymer is soft and malleable, while the rare metal additive dramatically increases mass.  

This unique projectile is designed to maximize the dissipation of energy where needed. 

As balls rapidly flatten out upon impact, nearly 100% of available kinetic energy is transferred into the surface of the target with 

minimal risk of penetration into the body cavity. 

The stabilizing mass of this alloy conserves momentum, thus preserving performance across the entire engagement distance.  

Extensive laboratory testing was conducted to determine how the projectiles interact with human tissue and demonstrated essential high rates of survivability.  

This combination ensures high levels of accuracy, repeatability, and compliance from even the most aggressive of subjects. 


Standard 2¾ 12 Gauge Double Ball Shotshell Round

  • Two .68 Caliber Projectiles
  • Projectile Weight: 5.0 grams / 77 grains each
  • Minimum Tested Engagement Distance: 8 ft
  • Effective Accuracy Range: 75+ ft
  • Average Velocity: 550 fps 

Lower Liability

Reduce your liability by operating STANDDOWN.  No penetration ensures reduced risk of lethality, while delivering maximum pain compliance.  Agents maintain their advantage in safety by having the option to engage at greater ranges.  Thus STANDDOWN equips to protect larger perimeters from assailants by extending the reactionary gap.  

STANDDOWN releases nearly all energy into the target and does not ricochet like conventional rubber projectiles.  This reduces risk of collateral to damage to humans and property.  STANDDOWN is automotive windshield safe!

STANDDOWN is a dynamic single platform cartridge.  No longer the need to keep up with multiple different rounds for each circumstance.  Likewise, most traditional less lethal systems require the furnishing of additional proprietary weapon platforms.  

STANDDOWN is turn key in your standard issue 12 Gauge Shotgun.  

This item is restricted in the following cities and/or states: AK, CA, HI, MA, NY, APO's, FPO's, PO Box's, Washington DC; Chicago. FOID Required for all IL Cities. ; Please check your local State, County and City laws for restrictions on ammunition.


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