M-13 Thermobaric Flashbang Grenade

M-13 Thermobaric Flashbang Grenade


Order# WP222

Order# WP222

M-13 Thermobaric Flashbang Grenade

These Brand New M-13 Thermobaric Flashbang Grenades utilize a fly off lever to set them off just like the real thing! The Loud Report and dazzling flash from this grenade is Perfect for clearing rooms and keeping the opposing team out!

These M-13 grenades are perfect for training, Military Simulation, Paintball, Airsoft or similar war games!

**PLEASE NOTE that after you order we will send you liability waiver by email or fax that you must sign before we ship**

You must be 21 years of age to purchase and can only be used Pursuant to regulation 27 CFR §555.32, the Devices do not pose a threat to public safety when acquired, distributed, possessed, stored and/or used for their intended purposes in the following activities: (a) military, law enforcement, and private security training and simulation; (b) deterring wildlife/wildlife pest control; and (c) paintball/Airsoft and similar “wargame” activities.

You must also watch the M Series Safety and Instructional video on this page before we can ship.

HAZMAT DISCLAIMER The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires a $30.00 handling charge for each Shipment containing Hazardous Materials. HAZMAT items will be shipped via FEDEX Ground only. There is NO 2nd Day or Next Day shipment on HAZMAT materials or Ammunition. If you have questions call our customer service number: 1-870-881-8488. 

*Note The Hazmat Charge is per package sent, not per item. You will be charged the same Hazmat fee whether you order 2 Hazmat items or 100 Hazmat Items.

 The purchase of Devices or any other pyrotechnics (collectively “Articles Pyrotechnic”) made through our Site are subject to Federal law, as well as your State and local laws. In the event that you purchase any Articles Pyrotechnic through our Site, the responsibility to follow your State’s laws falls solely upon you. For more information about your State’s laws regarding Articles Pyrotechnic, please visit:



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